The Last Barn Dance

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About the Film

Randy Lewis knows that losing his dairy business would mean losing his livelihood – his farm is limping along through an economy that has decimated most other family farms in Alamance County – but Randy is most worried about losing his way of life and ending a family heritage that has hosted nearly 50 years worth of barn dances. The farm is fragile, the band is old, the barn is beaten, and Randy, with no kids of his own and little faith the younger generation will pick up the pieces, is trying to save the dance.

Meet the Crew

Co-directors and long-time friends Ted Richardson and Jason Arthurs have logged 25 years of combined experience documenting the daily life of North Carolinians through documentary photography and most recently, documentary film. Arthurs’ first full-length documentary film, Without a Fight, premiered in 2012 at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and Richardson began early production on his debut film, The Last Barn Dance, in 2011. The two collaborated on a television documentary series in 2013 produced by Jennifer Lopez called Los Jets that documented the lives of immigrant youth in Siler City, NC.

The Dairy

The Ran-Lew Dairy is a family owned and operated farm located in Eli Whitney, NC - south of Burlington in Alamance County. The dairy bottles fresh non-homogenized, old-fashioned cream top milk that ships every week direct to retailers and restaurants around the South. The dairy is one of the few producer/processor dairies in the state. The 70 cows on the farm spend the day roaming green pastures and are individually cared for by Randy Lewis, his family and employees. The dairy's milk is currently sold at Weaver St. Market in Chapel Hill as well as other locally owned markets.



We are using the #savethedance to help build a community of people who value small family farmers want to preserve the traditions around these farms. Your image will be posted on this site if you use the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter!

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